Pigmentation Treatment

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Scalp Micro-Pigmentation

For those who want to have a look of fuller hair on their head, scalp micro-pigmentation is the best medical procedure for it. During the procedure, tiny dots of different shades of black are created on the upper layer of your scalp, giving your head a natural hair-like appearance. If someone is bald, it is also a good option for them because after going through this treatment, it gives an illusion of a freshly shaved head. As compared to hair transplant, scalp micro-pigmentation doesn’t involve any severe invasive medical technique, it consumes less time, and gives instant results.

6 Worst Things About Pigmentation

Pigmented skin can be the reason for genetic disorders or environmental factors. Our body produces melanin that gives color to our skin, eyes, and hair. The amount of its production is determined by our genes. High or less production of melanin gives a darker or lighter color tone to the skin. When our body produces melanin abnormally, it results in dark spots or patches on our skin, mostly on the face. The hormonal changes, age factors, and exposure to the harmful rays of the sun cause hyperpigmentation. As it looks unusual to most people, it looks for its treatment.

Pigmentation is Your Worst Enemy, 6 Ways to Defeat It

Skin hyperpigmentation is the condition in which uneven skin tone patches appear on the face. It can be due to genetics, a sign of aging, or exposure to the sun. Hormonal disturbance also makes our skin get pigmented. Pigmentation on the face can occur in different forms like spots, darker colored clusters near eyes and mouth area, freckles or can be the result of post-acne scars. Treating these marks by yourself by applying different creams and serums can irritate your skin because you don’t know the cause of hyperpigmentation. Get the help of a dermatologist and they will suggest the best solution to permanently fix facial pigmentation.