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6 Worst Things About Pigmentation

Pigmented skin can be the reason for genetic disorders or environmental factors. Our body produces melanin that gives color to our skin, eyes, and hair. The amount of its production is determined by our genes. High or less production of melanin gives a darker or lighter color tone to the skin. When our body produces melanin abnormally, it results in dark spots or patches on our skin, mostly on the face. The hormonal changes, age factors, and exposure to the harmful rays of the sun cause hyperpigmentation. As it looks unusual to most people, it looks for its treatment.
The worst things about hyperpigmentation are:

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It is not of one type

Several reasons cause hyperpigmentation on the skin. Melasma appears on any region of the body, mostly in women during pregnancies due to sudden hormone changes. Sun exposure that damages the skin cells and results in discoloration makes a cluster of dark spots visible on facial skin and other uncovered parts of the body. Post-acne/inflammation marks emerge when your body goes through any swelling or inflammation or when the acne bump gets flattened, it leaves dark spots on that are resulting in pigmentation.

Gets tough to avoid sun

Exposure to the sun can make hyperpigmentation even worse, people following their daily routine to get out for work or anything find it difficult to avoid the sun. Suns radiation cause melanin synthesis to increase, resulting in greater pigmentation on your face. They have to follow another routine to shield and protect their skin through different remedies.

The use of medications leads to side effects

Eating medicines to treat hyperpigmentation has some drawbacks too. Hydroquinone, the most used component to treat pigmentation, lightens the skin. But the continuous use of it without taking the suggestion of a dermatologist might result in skin discoloration.

Different applications on the face can cause more pigmentation

A person with hyperpigmentation applies different products on its face to help it fade away, but the constant rubbing and touching of the affected area can lead to more pigmentation. Moreover, not every product should be applied without asking skin experts, because hyperpigmentation is a very sensitive condition that is treated by professionals only. When we get a facial, our skin goes through a lot of friction during the process that irritates the cluster and patches making it more prominent on the face.

Depression and unhealthy food

Mental stress disturbs our internal system, it causes the overproduction of some hormones when the hyperpigmentation condition. Poor diet also contributes to making that skin-related issue more complicated, so you should watch what you eat. Choosing unhealthy foods, particularly dairy, can cause acne and swelling, which can lead to higher discoloration.

Following hacks to reduce hyperpigmentation

As it is mentioned, again and again, having facial pigmentation is a matter that should be dealt with extreme care. The hacks and ways that we see on the internet to lighten skin pigmentation are not medically approved. We don’t know the main cause of hyperpigmentation on the skin so it is strictly advised not to after every other skincare routine. You should only seek the help of a dermatologist who will examine the reason and recommend the treatment best for it.


Now that you have known multiple reasons that are the worst for skin pigmentation, you must stay alert before trying anything to cure it.


6 Worst Things About Pigmentation



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