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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Scalp Micro-Pigmentation

For those who want to have a look of fuller hair on their head, scalp micro-pigmentation is the best medical procedure for it. During the procedure, tiny dots of different shades of black are created on the upper layer of your scalp, giving your head a natural hair-like appearance. If someone is bald, it is also a good option for them because after going through this treatment, it gives an illusion of a freshly shaved head. As compared to hair transplant, scalp micro-pigmentation doesn’t involve any severe invasive medical technique, it consumes less time, and gives instant results.
Below are some tips of after-care of micro-pigmentation that will allow the pigments to establish properly.

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The First Four Days Are Crucial

After taking the treatment, avoid touching your scalp unnecessarily. It is a critical time to wash your head, keep your head away from the contact of water because it can irritate your skin. Resist the need of washing the scalp, because the scalp gets sensitive and any kind of irregular touch can harm it. Also, don’t try to shave your head or brush the area that got the treatment.

The First Week After The Treatment

During this time, you should refrain from sitting in the hot regions or performing any physical hard work that can cause sweating because it can delay the healing process. Secondly, don’t use shampoo on your scalp or avoid scrubbing as it can interrupt the wounds. Touching the head now and then can raise the chance of getting infections. If you want to keep your head clean, use a damp cloth to wipe the scalp.

From Eight Till Fourteen Days

Your scalp should have recovered nicely in this time but it still requires time for healing thoroughly. Double-check that you are still on track to follow the aftercare routine. Till the next few days, you will notice the upper layer of skin begin to peel, it is the time to prevent yourself from scratching or itching your head. Avoid using any hair product having chemicals because it will cause inflammation, instead, you should go for using organic soap or moisturizer to make the healing process better.

After Half A Month

It is time to come back to your normal routine as your head will be recovered sufficiently to resume your normal activities related to your head. You will be asked again to visit the centre where you got the treatment from. In that session, you will be advised to shave and wash your head before the next appointment.

Long-Term Follow-Up For Scalp Micro-Pigmentation

  • For the first two months, avoid swimming in the pools having chlorine
  • For the 1st month, avoid your exposure to UV rays, the tanning of the skin can make you gain a darker shade on your treated area. Use SPF 50 sunscreen before going outside.
  • Wash your hair from the organic and odour-less products
  • Apply a good quality moisturizer on your head that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals
  • If you want your pigments to stay on the scalp for a longer time, you should hold yourself back from using products with the AHA added to them as it can be the cause of the lightening of pigments.


Just keep following these steps and go for follow-up when you are asked for the visit. Attend all the appointments with your expert if you want to gain the best results.


The Do’s And Don’ts Of Scalp Micro-Pigmentation



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