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Pigmentation is Your Worst Enemy, 6 Ways to Defeat It

Skin hyperpigmentation is the condition in which uneven skin tone patches appear on the face. It can be due to genetics, a sign of aging, or exposure to the sun. Hormonal disturbance also makes our skin get pigmented. Pigmentation on the face can occur in different forms like spots, darker colored clusters near eyes and mouth area, freckles or can be the result of post-acne scars. Treating these marks by yourself by applying different creams and serums can irritate your skin because you don't know the cause of hyperpigmentation. Get the help of a dermatologist and they will suggest the best solution to permanently fix facial pigmentation.
Here are some ways to get rid of skin pigmentation using technology:

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Use medicated sun-screen

First of all, for precaution, it is highly recommended to use sun-screen or sunblocks to avoid skin getting exposed to the sun. The UV rays from the sun penetrate our skin and cause pigmentation on the face. Look for the medically approved sunscreens because they are free from harsh chemicals that spoil our skin and help us to gradually treat pigmented spots and patches.

Chemical peels

In this treatment, highly concentrated acids are used for pigmentation treatment. It is only done by professionals so go to a well-known dermatologist to get it done. In this process, the upper epidermis layer is removed to make pigmentation less visible. It also helps to regenerate new cells of your skin for incredible results. This treatment is specifically used for age spots and damage caused by the sun.

Skin peeling using laser

It is an ablative laser treatment (involves the removal of skin) that uses a beam of light to target the pigmented spots. It is a stronger treatment than others as it eliminates the skin layer and resurfaces it with accuracy. The new cells that are produced in the healing process give your skin a brighter and tighter-looking appearance.

Intense pulse light therapy (IPL)

Another type of laser treatment that is non-ablative (promotes the growth of collagen) also known as photo facial increases the collagen synthesis in the dermis. It is used to cure hyperpigmentation in general but reacts best to red, brownish, and flat patches. It only treats the skin tissues that need to get treated making other tissues save from the procedure so it will make the recovery process quick.


Using drill-like small and handy equipment tiny precisions are made in the skin to restore the pigmented skin. The dead skin layer is cleared gently by softly moving the brush throughout the skin’s surface. It improves the melasma, acne scars, spots, and sunburn patches. You need to get multiple sessions to reach your desired outcome.


One more resurfacing process is the extreme version of microdermabrasion, it peels the deeper layers of pigmented areas, the cells that are rejuvenated are finer and healthier. This pigmentation treatment addresses the injury wound scars, chickenpox marks and lightens the hyperpigmentation cluster on the skin. Dermabrasion is beneficial to heal extreme skin conditions giving it a smooth look.


Lastly, whatever treatment you take to treat facial pigmentation, it is necessary to safeguard your skin from further pigmentation by taking care of your skin . Regular consulting with dermatologists and treatment like facials and chemical peels can prevent and work as a shield to protect it from infections, and damages and further pigmentation.


Pigmentation is Your Worst Enemy, 6 Ways to Defeat It



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