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FUE vs. FUT Hair Transplants

In the earlier times, there was no awareness of hair restoration but as the technology advanced and the research processes improved, it became possible to restore the natural hair of a person which can grow thicker and stronger.

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The two new methods that emerged for hair transplantation are follicular unit excision (FUE) and follicular unit transplantation (FUT). Hundreds of men and women who were suffering from hair loss were treated by using this procedure. Hair transplants began delivering natural-looking outcomes in1995 when surgeons began transplanting individual hair follicles. Both of these procedures work to restore healthier, richer normal hair.


In the FUE procedure hairs are harvested and transplanted in their natural groups, which leaves no linear scar. It makes your hair have a more original look and allows you to wear it as long as you like without fear of a noticeable scar. Many patients report minimal discomfort during or after their FUE transplant since it is a minimally intrusive technique. Now if we consider FUT hair transplant, the operation has a relatively short recovery period, generally between 10 and 12 days. Hair is taken from the mid-donor region, where the majority of the hair is permanent.

Can the same person have both FUT and FUE?

There is no issue if you want both of these treatments. In this case of hair transplantation, there are no restrictions that a person can’t have the second surgery he went for the first one. FUT surgery may be performed initially in some circumstances, causing the scalp to become too tight for additional FUT surgeries. If this happens, the surgeon can choose FUE surgery for the rest of the operation.

Should I See FUT or an FUE Specialist?

Depending upon your demands, your surgeon will decide which treatment will fulfill your needs. If you require a higher quantity of hair graft due to severely thinning hair, then you are better with FUT operation, as FUT transplants provide a higher number of follicles for transplantation. On the other hand, if you want speedy recovery from the treatment, then you are well suited for the FUE technique, as it is frequently quicker due to the treatment’s less intrusive nature. It offers a few grafts and is good for those who want to resume their normal activities.

Graft Quality: FUT vs. FUE

The FUE technology enables real-time analysis and computation of each hair follicle’s properties. This means you’ll be able to identify the strongest follicles for harvesting and transplantation

FUT is usually advised for patients with a limited hair supply in the donor area. Follicles are precisely extracted using FUT, leaving the protective tissue intact, resulting in more stable and relatively high grafts.

Utilizing Donor Hair: FUT vs. FUE

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Donor Scarring

Hair follicle grafts were taken from the scalp and transplanted onto the recipient regions, which had micro incisions for each hair. If you get done with FUT, the linear scar must be covered because it is still visible in the donor region. After all, stitching up the wound has reduced the scar’s appearance. Scarring is far less likely to be evident with FUE.

The Takeaway

Keep that in mind that both of these procedures give you 100% surety that the treatment is going to give you your desired results. You may be eligible for either operation due to the volume or condition of your hair. But we have to firmly believe one thing that the surgeon is both a scientific and an artist, and each unit transplantation necessitates consideration of quantity, angle, and transplant positioning.


FUE vs. FUT Hair Transplants



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