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Looking For The Best Results? Follow The Aftercare For Vampire Facial

RP or vampire facial is a procedure in which in order to revitalize your complexion, a mask manufactured from a component of your own blood, not someone else's, is applied all over your face. This approach, as frightening as it may appear, produces stunning, nearly painless effects that will leave your skin gleaming. Your doctor will also apply the gel to your skin at regular intervals. The fluid that penetrates the pores enhances the effects of micro-needling. It helps to rebuild the layer of collagen and elastin beneath the skin's surface, giving you fairly young skin.
The vampire facial is necessary to protect your skin from infections and to achieve the greatest benefits from the treatmen

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What to Expect Right After the Vampire Facial

If you’re curious what will happen following micro-needling, remember that your skin will seem bleeding and red. Tingling, numbness, and discomfort are other possible side effects of dermal medicines. The esthetician will use ice packs to relieve minor irritation while also reducing inflammation. It may take a day or two of rest before you’re ready to return to the streets.

Vampire Facial Post Care

All the instructions will be provided by your doctor after you get done with the treatment. First of all, avoid touching your face for a few hours, after 6 to 8 hours, it is recommended to not use any cleanser as they might irritate your skin and only wash your face with water. Don’t use any towel to rub your face for the next 72 hours. Any face wash having chemicals should not be used.
Moreover, keep your skin away from direct sunlight as the skin gets overly sensitive after taking this PRP treatment. To reduce swelling, use an ice pack with a thin towel between it and your skin.

The Don’ts of Aftercare for Vampire Facial

For the next 72 hours, your dermatologist will ask you to avoid a few of your routine applications of cosmetic products, above all makeup should be strictly ignored, and sanitize all your sponges and brushes that you use to apply makeup. Physical activities or exercises should not be performed as it causes sweating which is not good for your treatment. You should stay at a normal temperature; which means that a person should stay away from heat.

Vampire Facial Recovery

Recovery will be fast if you follow all the directions given by the experts. Don’t get worried if your skin appears red and hot, that’s a part of this procedure and it will take at least 24 hours for the redness to go away. The skin may sometimes seem to be damaged. By the second day, the redness may have diminished and begun to resemble a sunburn. However, you should expect increased puffiness. This indicates that the therapy is having the desired effect. Your skin will look smooth and wrinkle-free. Even when the pigmentation, dark circles, scars, and markings fade, you’ll see a renewed shine.

Following the Aftercare for Vampire Facial Ensures Effective Results

You will see a noticeable difference after 6 months of vampire facial. If you properly follow the Vampire facial aftercare instructions, the results of the procedure might remain for 10 to 12 months. The treatment is surely suitable for anyone who wants to erase those early wrinkles, extensive sun damage, youthful and even-toned complexion. The procedure unclogs your pores, allowing prescription moisturizers to penetrate deeper into your skin.


The best type of facials are the ones that promote the new cell development, so stop worrying and feel free to get your vampire facial done as it begins new cell generation and the stimulation of new tissues in your skin and will replace all the dead cells or layers.


Looking For The Best Results? Follow The Aftercare For Vampire Facial



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