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Do’s and Don’ts During the Holi Festival For Those Travelling India

Picture this, you just discovered the Holi Festival. You’ve purchased your ticket and you’re on your way to India to experience the celebration of the triumph of good over evil! How exciting is that? On your way there, you start thinking about all of the fun you’re going to have, but the more you think, the more questions you come up with. That’s why I’m here! I want to answer those questions before you even think of them, give you the dos and don’ts of the most extravagant, colorful festival in the world! Let’s get started!

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This applies to anyone, even Indian natives. If this is your first festival:
  • Do: Take the time to research which venue you will be attending for the festival. The festival is held across the entire country, not in one spot. So, you need to look into the venues hosting the festival and figure out which one is safest for you as an outsider.
  • Don’t: Take this festival as an opportunity to take a leap of faith and wing it! This is not the time to go wandering off through the streets. You will find yourself in areas you do not belong in and that can get dangerous very quickly.


A note for your eyes.
  • Do: Wear some kind of eye wear like sunglasses, goggles, regular glasses, anything to protect your eyes from the powder.
  • Don’t: Expect to not be able to see very much out of those glasses.


To all of the fashionistas out there…it’s not the time.
  • Do: Wear all white clothing! You’re going to a festival that will coat you in colorful powders, make yourself the canvas!
  • Don’t: Wear expensive clothes for the sake of fashion because the dye will not come out!


A simple reminder.
  • Do: Eat a large breakfast prior to attending the festival! There isn’t often food served (there is water!)
  • Don’t: Eat so much that you end up with a stomachache as bathrooms are hard to find!


This might be hard for some of you but…
  • Do: Be friendly, engaging, and open! Allow yourself to make friends with the person standing next to you! Don’t fear thy neighbor!
  • Don’t: Be concerned or annoyed when someone comes up next to you and throws a pile of blue powder in your face. That’s part of the tradition and the culture and it’s something you should not only accept and expect, but also immerse yourself in!
Whether this is your first or fifth time attending the Holi festival, make sure you do some research ahead of time to stay in-the-know on what’s happening so that you can enjoy the festival with little fear of the unknown! Happy Holi!


Do’s and Don’ts During the Holi Festival For Those Travelling India



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