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Ageing of Skin – Why it Happens at Cellular Level

Ageing is a natural process that we all go through. With time, our skin loses its elasticity and structure, causing wrinkles. The intrinsic ageing of skin occurs at the cellular level and it is an unavoidable change due only to the passage of time. There are also extrinsic factors that can accelerate this process such as UV radiation from exposure to sunlight or smoking cigarettes which both cause premature ageing in addition to cancerous cells.

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Skin ageing is a natural process

This means the surface of the skin can become thinner and more fragile because there are not as many new cells being created to replace those that have died off. And if you’re wondering what causes this cellular slowdown, it all comes down to one thing:


The telomere is a protective cap on the end of a cell’s DNA strand which keeps your genes from unraveling and coming apart – like how shoelaces keep their shape without fraying at the ends. But over time, these telomeres start getting shorter and shorter until eventually, they break open, revealing a string of DNA at the end of every chromosome.
Skin ageing can also be caused by external factors, such as exposure to UV radiation from the sun or smoking cigarettes which both cause premature skin ageing in addition bone and lung cancerous cells because they kill healthy organic tissues around them.”

What is Intrinsic?

“Intrinsic” means that it is happening on a cellular level without outside causes. It’s not just about getting older incrementally over years but rather there are specific processes within our bodies related exclusively with age too ( so much like how we have wrinkles thanks mostly genetics for example ) There will still probably always some amount extraneous effects though: Smoking.

Intrinsic Ageing

Intrinsic ageing is a universal, presumptively inevitable change attributable to the passage of time alone. Age (time) can be seen as an independent variable that interacts with other covariates: for example smoking and such; there will still probably always some amount extraneous effects though- smoke has been shown to decrease elasticity in the skin by destroying elastin cells under the surface which leads into problems like wrinkles). The rate of cell death increases over age meaning more need replaced but also decreases because less fat layering underneath = thinner layer/fewer layers lead back again problem with fewer number new replacements coming through process cellular level epidermis–skin’s topmost protective tissue covering entire body’s exterior from the head down toe include hairs


Ageing of the skin is a natural process occurring at the cellular level, involving a change in structure and elasticity. This article talks about the various factors that can accelerate this ageing such as UV radiation from exposure to sunlight or smoking cigarettes which both cause premature wrinkles on your face besides certain cancerous cells generated due to these two mentioned types might also be responsible for faster ageing too! It has been found out through some researches by scientists worldwide including Japan’s National Institute Of Environmental Studies (NIES) show increase in age-related changes happening inside our body could lead us to health problems like diabetes mellitus type II syndrome cardiovascular diseases brain disorders malignancies etc., there are different ways one should take care so they don’t need to worry much later because of it.


Ageing of Skin – Why it Happens at Cellular Level



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