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When is The Right Time For Laser Hair Reduction?

Laser hair reduction is a long-lasting, body hair reduction method that is sweeping the beauty industry. Women all over are turning to these microscopic laser treatments to put the growth of their body hair to a halt! However, with the desire for silky smooth skin that lasts months, comes the important question of when is the right time to start laser hair reduction treatment?

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What is a good age to start laser treatments?

Laser hair reduction treatments are a phenomenal way to hit the pause button on your body hair. However, the treatment is designed for adults only. It is not meant for anyone who is not out of the puberty woods yet. The reason is that the body has not fully adjusted to its new normal (the continuous growth of body hair) and melanin is not fully produced. While the body is adjusting, it’s important to let it be natural and once puberty is over, you can go ahead and start laser hair reduction treatments.

Who is a good candidate for laser hair reduction treatments?

Whereas laser hair reduction treatments are great for the majority of people over the age of 18, there are some qualifications that make you a better candidate than others.
  • People with thin body hair
  • Anyone with fine body hair
  • People with short body hair
  • Anyone with non-sensitive skin
  • People with pale skin

Who is not a good candidate for laser hair reduction?

There are select people who should avoid laser hair reduction for various reasons. They include:
  • Anyone with hyperpigmentation
  • People with skin that is sensitive to light
  • Anyone with a history of histamine reaction (hives, rashes, etc.)
  • People with Vitiligo

What else can impact when someone can get laser hair reduction?

Whereas those are the most common reasons someone may or may not be a good candidate for laser hair reduction, there are a few other things to consider.

The area of treatment

If the area you are considering having lasered, has any scars or pigmentation issues, you’ll need to consult your skin-care specialist before going ahead with the procedure. Scars can make it difficult to penetrate the surface of the skin and hit the root of the hair follicle. If the laser cannot reach the hair follicle, then the results will not be what you are hoping for. Pigmentation issues could also cause problems pending their root cause. You’ll need to determine the reason for your pigmentation issues before you schedule an appointment.

Your hair and skin type

Unfortunately, people with pale skin and light hair do not benefit from laser hair reduction as there is not enough melanin for the laser to target to stop the growth of the hair. People with dark skin and dark hair also have a problem as there is too much melanin and the laser can have a difficult time targeting all of it. The treatment tends to work best on people with light skin and dark hair as the melanin is easy to target!
Getting laser hair reduction is an excellent choice for anyone looking for long term results that are painless and affordable! Just remember to consult with your practitioner first about any skin conditions, the area you want treated, and the kind of hair you have to insure the best results possible.


When is The Right Time For Laser Hair Reduction ?



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