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Skincare Tips for Monsoon Season

Monsoon season consists of roughly 3 months of heavy rain and dust storms. These storms wreak havoc on our skin as dust is forced into our pores and skin is made dryer and more sensitive. With a harsh outcome for our skin, many people are left wondering how to best take care of their skin during monsoon season.

Keeping your skin healthy during monsoon season comes down to having a quality skincare routine, adjusting your skincare routine to fit the current needs of your skin, and avoiding prolonged exposure to monsoons. Let’s explain in a little more detail!

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Use a gentle skin cleanser

Using a face wash that is free of soap is actually the best thing you can do for your skin during monsoon season. Soap often strips your skin of its natural oils. These oils are vital to the health of your skin, especially during a time where your skin is likely to be dry and experience harsh weather conditions.

Opt for less makeup

Makeup clogs your pores, no matter what makeup companies may tell you. During monsoon season when your skin is already being exposed to heavy rain, dust, and minerals in the air, you’ll want to reduce the addition of more unnatural and unneeded products.

Use an exfoliator

It’s recommended to use a gentle exfoliator at least 2x/week during monsoon season, particularly if you wear makeup. Your skin is being exposed to damaging environmental factors and by using an exfoliator, you can help keep such factors out of your pores and increase cell turnover.

Use sunscreen

During monsoon season, it’s common for people to set the sunscreen aside as the sun is hidden from view. However, out of sight does not mean out of reach! The sun’s UV rays are very powerful and can easily penetrate through the clouds and reach your skin even if you cannot necessarily see or feel it. Damage is still likely and expected. Use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 days every day to prevent sun damage.

Use a moisturizer

Although your skin may feel a bit dewier during monsoon season, you still need to incorporate that daily moisturizer in the morning and before bed. You’ll want to use a lightweight moisturizer that is easy to absorb but will also penetrate deep into the skin to help combat any dryness that may occur from dust exposure during monsoon season

Use vitamin C

Whether in the form of vitamin C serums, moisturiser additives, or face wash additives, vitamin C is crucial to any skincare routine. It keeps your skin strong and decreases any likelihood of damage, dryness, or sensitivity to environmental factors.
Monsoon season is not the be-all, end-all of having great skin! Whereas you may see a slight increase in acne breakouts, dryness, or pigmentation, this can be easily combatted with a quality skincare routine. This routine should include a gentle face wash, exfoliator, the addition of vitamin C, sunscreen, and a high-quality moisturiser! Don’t let monsoon season change your complexion, get ahead!


Skincare Tips for Monsoon Season



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