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Say Goodbye to Tired Looking Eyes

Did you sleep all night but still appear as though you’ve been up for 48 hours? Are your eyes puffy, red, or do you have grey bags underneath them? These are signs of tired eyes and whereas they may indeed be the result of you being tired, there are also several other reasons for their unwelcome appearance!

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Why do my eyes look tired and old?

Tired eyes can have numerous causes that may not be related to your sleep schedule at all, although that is the most common culprit. Some other factors that lead to the appearance of tired eyes include:
  • Poor lifestyle- A lifestyle that is sedentary, inactive, and physically unhealthy often reflects in the eyes and skin around them.
  • Hormonal changes- The skin around your eyes is sensitive to hormone imbalances or changes and will change if your hormones do!
  • Stress - Stress takes a significant toll on the body. Apart from scrunching the skin around your face when you’re stressed, you may also notice your eyes growing more tired.
  • Extended periods of time looking at electronics - Our eyes were not designed to stare at electronic screens all day long. This dries out your eyes and leads to tired eye symptoms.
  • Allergies - Allergies are known to make the skin around the eyes puffy, the eyes red, and the skin around the face swollen.
  • Genetics - If your parents have physical features that mimic tired eyes, you likely will as well.

How to reduce dark circles, sleep wrinkles, and undereye bags

Reducing dark circles often comes down to your skincare routine. Many products on the market contain ingredients like Vitamin A, green tea, and caffeine, all of which help reduce the appearance of dark circles, bags, and wrinkles under the eyes. However, the following methods can also be used for further at-home treatment:
  • Cold compresses
  • Holding cool tea bags on your eyes
  • Elevating your head while you sleep
  • Using undereye masks
  • Using creams designed to target tired eye symptoms
Sleep wrinkles can be deterred simply by avoiding sleeping on your face as well as sleeping with silk pillowcases. Try sleeping on your back with pillows on either side of you so it’s more difficult for you to roll over onto your side.

How to get rid of tired-looking eyes?

In order to reduce and remove the appearance of tired-looking eyes, you’ll need to determine the cause. Of course, if the appearance is simply due to lack of sleep, added stress, or even a dietary change you can fix this at home by adjusting your daily routine with more sleep, relaxation techniques, and the addition of fruits and veggies that are filled with Vitamin A, biotin, and iron!
However, if you have tried the above methods and are noticing that your tired eyes are hanging around or even getting worse, it’s important to speak to a doctor to determine if there is something serious going on. For example, you may be experiencing a hormone imbalance or a vitamin/mineral deficiency that needs to be addressed in order to fix the appearance of your tired eyes.
Tired eyes are something that millions of people experience at some point in their lives for one reason or another. Whereas the most common reason is indeed being tired, tired eyes may also mean that there is something going wrong in your body and you should speak with a doctor if you have tired eyes for an extended period of time with little to no relief.


Say Goodbye to Tired Looking Eyes



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