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PRP Therapy Combined With Microneedling: Benefits That Can Restore Perfection to Your Skin

The micro-needling process has become increasingly popular in the past few years. This process is barely invasive done for the regeneration of skin that doesn't require the use of any harmful chemical. This is not a lengthy technique as it only stimulates our body's mending system to eliminate all the flaws. If you ever happen to discuss it with your dermatologist, they will provide you with information about every miracle it can do for your skin.
In this method, a derma roller is used on your face that has tiny needles on it, they are small enough that they only penetrate the top layer of your skin, and in return, the place where it is used releases the healing ingredients into that region. The process makes your body produce new collagen and elastin which will tighten your skin and it will start looking firmer and smoother.

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PRP and Micro-needling for Acne Scars

One of the biggest advantages of micro-needling is the reduction of acne scars and spots to the point where they are scarcely noticeable. Following the operation, the new collagen fibers are built up in the place of existing blemishes which are different from the scar tissue’s irregular texture, hence skin appears more even-toned and sleek.

PRP and Micro-needling for Hair Loss

Dermatologists inject the PRP serum at 1mm depths in the problematic regions and expose portions of the scalp during PRP hair loss treatments, and when it is combined with micro-needling, the serum penetrates in the depth of your scalp which produces more effective outcomes. Over the next several weeks, as the new blood vessels rejuvenate the scalp, you’ll witness thicker hair growth with a darker pigment and finer texture.

PRP and Micro-needling for Stretch Marks

As a person hits puberty, he/she experiences several bodily changes, one of them being the emergence of stretch marks that are the result of weight gain, weight reduction, or puberty. Some people don’t even get bothered by these marks but for others, they are disturbing as they don’t seem normal. But with the help of the PRP micro-needling method, the derma roller’s tiny needles break up the stiffened tissue around the saggy skin. In this way, the needles stimulate skin repair and reduce the appearance of the scars so that they are incredibly light.

PRP and Micro-needling for Sun Damage and Discoloration

In our daily tough routine, we get exposed to direct UV rays from the sun, and it affects our skin in a harmful manner like discoloration and visible sunburn patches, these are the issues that PRP can help with. This is because the procedure promotes new blood vessels to form in the skin, which act to remove pigment-causing impurities away.

PRP and Micro-needling for Anti-Ageing

As we age, we lose all the collagen and elastin from our skin, and it gives rise to marks, wrinkles, cracks, folds at the corners of the mouth. Micro-needling has numerous advantages, including symptoms of age restoration. You may renew your look by stimulating new collagen and elastin production with the micro-needling technique. When you combine PRP facials with micro needling, you can get quicker collagen repair and improved outcomes.


Not a single woman that I know wants imperfections on her face. As women are more beauty conscious, the treatment is more popular among them. Another benefit that I want to mention is that many young women are stressed about their enlarged or open pores, and the micro-needling process is also proven to shrink the size of pores. As your pore’s size will get reduced, less or even no contamination will get stuck in them and you’ll start noticing very few acne breakouts on your face.


We hope you’ve found this information helpful. This blog covered everything you need to know about lip injections. Maybe you’re nervous to go under the knife, or maybe you just have a few words of encouragement for yourself. Either way, give your mouth that gorgeous pouty look with our lip fillers !!


PRP therapy combined with Microneedling: benefits that can restore perfection to your skin



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