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Popular Myths About Hair Care

Your personality is enhanced by the way you dress and present yourself determines your lifestyle. All this is embraced by hair being one of its factors. Therefore it becomes necessary to style your hair gracefully. In this blog, you will learn what not to do for your hair along with the true facts.

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Are you tired of trying various hair products to increase the volume or eliminate dry hair or dandruff? If yes, you must learn what type of products you need to apply to your hair. The right products are essential for hair.

Here are some myths about hair that you follow on your regular days but are probably not true. Get to know them and change your routine.

Myths And Facts

Myth – Frequent hair washing will help get rid of dandruff
Fact – Fighting with dandruff can only be done with the right products. You need the right shampoo for your hair as it will remove the dry dandruff scalp and reduce the action caused by bacteria and fungi. Frequent hair washing might dry your scalp so prefer to wash your hair twice a week.
Myth – Regularly applying the mask in place of the conditioner will soften hair
Fact – Masks are compiled with their own properties. According to the requirement of your hair, you should apply conditioner once a week. The basic property to apply conditioner is to keep your hair shiny, soft, and hydrated.
Myth – Hair Loss is caused due to regular washing of hair
Fact – Hair loss is related to scalp issues, or external factors such as simple hair wash. Regular washing of hair can dry the scalp and can weaken the hair strength which leads to hair fall.
Myth – Hot water can dry hair and can increase frizz in hair
Fact – You must always wash your hair with lukewarm water or cold water. The reason behind this is hot water dehydrates hair which damages the scalp and causes loss of proteins and other essential ingredients from hair.
Myth – Use of Dryers or straighteners dehydrates hair if used on wet hair
Fact – Well this is actually true that if dryers or straighteners used on wet hair they actually damage the hair by dehydrating it. Therefore it becomes quite essential to remove the excess moisture from hair and after that, you use the dryer.
Myth – Tying wet hair can damage your hair
Fact – You should be very careful with your hair care routine. Tying wet hair can actually cause damage to your hair as it would weaken the roots if stretched. This will lead to more hair falling out. Therefore tying wet hair should be avoided.
Myth – Weather can also damage your hair
Fact – It is very common that after the rainy season or in winter there is a common problem of hair loss. This is due to the temperature falling and not caring properly for hair by wearing a cap or accessories can hard the hair and lead to hair loss when combed.
Myth – Tying tight rubber bands causes hair falls

Fact – Tight rubber bands cause more stretch in hair which lead to hair fall. Always prefer to tie your hair loose or not to try. You can use various clips that are comfortable for your hair.


Here were some of the disbelieves that you were following in your past. A little bit of change in your hair care routine can bring you a lot of results. So it would rather be suggested to follow these simple tips to avoid hair fall and other scalp-related issues.


Popular Myths About Hair Care



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