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Monsoon Skin & Hair Tips To Swear By!

The monsoon season is upon us and I can't help but feel excited. The rain showers are a much-needed relief from the scorching summer temperatures, but this may not be such good news for your skin or hair! With that in mind here are some tips on how to keep yourself happy and healthy through these stormy times:
1) Keep your wardrobe updated with lightweight fabrics so you don’t overheat while traveling during peak hours;
2) Avoid excessive exposure to sun rays by applying sunscreen before heading outside
3) Don’t forget about nutrition- make sure you’re getting enough protein, carbs, water, etc.;
4.) Give back as well – do something nice for someone else today!

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"Hey! Why do we find ourselves with these severe skin conditions during the monsoon?"

You might have noticed that you’re breaking out more in this season. So why is it? Well, oily secreting glands become hyperactive which leads to clogging of pores and accumulation of bacterial growth due to our humid weather and all those rain showers. As a result, your acne will flare up too occurring on both dry or wet patches so be careful not to touch any open wound as bacteria could contaminate wounds leading them from being just an ordinary scrape into something quite dangerous like MRSA (Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus Aureus). The best way for prevention would be always using oil free gentle cleansers when washing your face twice.
I know you’re probably itching to get back into the sun, but I wanted to remind you of a few things. The sweat and humidity will cause your skin’s ability for self-repairing dryness which is something we need all year round! Here are some tips that’ll help:

Keep light moisturisers on hand at all times – it might not feel like anything when applied, but they go deep down in there protecting the good cells under layers of dead ones; Drink tons (or just enough) fluids or else our insides could become dehydrated too; Avoid fizzy drinks with high sugar content because then we risk dull looking skin as well as fungal infections if sweaty clothes aren’t dried properly before wearing again

Hair Care Tips You Should Stick To During The Monsoon

So you know how humid weather can make your hair frizzy and unmanageable? It makes the strands all dry, dull, weak. And with constant sweating due to humidity, there’s a lot of excess oil on our scalp which aggravates dandruff! To avoid such oily scalp: don’t go for heavy treatments like smoothening or coloring during this season; use moisturizing masks only once in a while (maybe once every week) if at all. As an alternative when it comes to reversing damage from the elements try using coconut oil before head washes-massaging into just wet strands will help revitalize them naturally without drying out their natural oils too much.”


Monsoon Skin & Hair Tips To Swear By!



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