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Laser Hair Reduction: 10 Things You Should Know

If you are tired of excess body hair and dream of flawless, smooth, and hairless skin, then this blog will be very helpful for you. The prospect of never enduring a painful waxing, the faint sound of the razor, the mess of hair removal cream. Only a few laser sessions in a lifetime without worrying about excess hair. But is laser hair removal the best method? Is laser hair removal permanent? How to prepare for laser hair removal? These are the questions that come to mind when anyone thinks about laser hair treatment. Here are 10 things you should know about laser hair removal treatments.

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It's not Painful

It sounds like the stinging light burns the hair on your skin, but unless you have allergic or sensitive skin, it isn’t. The laser will convert into heat and damage the hair follicles and bulbs. The pain relief cream is applied to avoid the slightest discomfort so that you should not feel any discomfort.

It's not as Expensive as it Sounds

Think about monthly waxing sessions or hair removal products, special razors, and shaving cream. They are not very cheap for sensitive skin. Multiply by month and year. In contrast, the cost of permanent laser hair removal in a reputable dermatology clinic is quite reasonable.

It Works on Ingrown Hairs

Laser treatment can stimulate the hair to grow straight, so you don’t need to deal with a lot of ingrown hairs and skin irritation. Your skin will become cleaner and smoother.

It's is a Process

4 to 8 sessions are enough to achieve effective and long-lasting results. For areas with less hair growth, such as the face (upper lip, chin) or armpits, you will need at least 4 sessions and at least 6 sessions for the arms and legs. The distance between them depends on the speed of hair growth and other factors determined by the doctor. So this process may take several months.

Time For Each Session Depends on the Area to be Treated

Each session can be shorter or longer than one hour. Depending on the area being treated, the smallest growth area (such as the upper lip) may take less than a few minutes, while long stretches may take up to an hour or more. This assumes that you have no makeup and you have shaved your hair in the area that is going under the laser.

You Can't Miss a Session

All hair has its growth cycle. So the sessions are customized according to everyone, and this is not one size fits all. Skipping the session may disrupt the entire process. In addition, avoid plucking, dyeing, or waxing during laser hair removal, as this will complicate the process.

You need to Fully Protect your Skin after each Therapy

This means no time in the swimming pool, hot showers, sauna, or gym. It takes at least 24 hours for your skin to recover from each treatment, and your doctor will give you a list of things to avoid and how to care for your skin and prevent it from breakout.

It Works on All Skin Tones

Fair, dark, wheatish, or white, laser hair removal is suitable for everyone. The hair should be dark enough to stand out from the skin because the laser will target hair follicles that are darker than the skin.

Consult your Dermatologist Before you Do it

Although several salons and clinics provide laser hair removal services for men and women, it is best to perform this procedure under the supervision of a qualified dermatologist. Before starting the procedure, your dermatologist will check your medical history. He will also tell you how to take care of your skin before, during, and after the sessions to get the best results.

Follow all Instructions from the Dermatologist

It may mean stopping makeup before your session, changing your beauty regime, changing the products you use, and avoiding certain beauty treatments. If you follow the instructions of your dermatologist carefully, you will get the best results of permanent laser hair removal. Isn’t it worth it?


In short, laser hair removal is for people looking for a longer-lasting solution-from razor, hair removal strips, and hair removal creams. However, this is a long process that requires carefulness and a certain amount of patience. After some time, you may need additional treatment. However, the results will satisfy you.





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