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Keys to Healing Well After a Laser Treatment

Getting laser hair removal for the first time is an exciting endeavor. You’re embarking on a journey of smooth, hair-free skin that lasts you months! The whole idea around laser hair removal treatment though is that your skin is getting zapped with a laser, and this leads people to question the healing process. There are several things you want to keep in mind to help you heal well after a laser hair removal treatment.

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Stay in close touch with your doctor

Whomever does your hair removal treatment should be your main point of contact throughout your recovery/healing process. The healing process after a treatment can take up to a week pending your skin’s make-up and how sensitive your skin was to the laser treatment process. Your doctor knows all the fine details, so be sure you follow their post care instruction and consult them about any concerns you have post procedure. If anything comes up that you are unsure of, give your doctor a call as they can reassure you and tell you what your next steps should be!

Obey the sun/light restrictions

Many people overlook this part of laser hair removal treatment recovery as it seems miniscule. However, it is one of the most important parts. Your skin has just been exposed to extreme amounts of light even if it doesn’t seem like it from your point of view. This means your skin is very sensitive to burns as well as other negative reactions to sunlight and regular light. Following the sun/light restrictions will ensure a smooth healing recovery after your skin laser treatment.

Don’t pick!

Depending on your skin and how it responds to the lasers, you may end up with some dry patches, bumps, and remaining hairs. These will all go away on their own over the course of the healing process. Avoid picking at them or scratching at them as this can make them worse and irritate your skin more than it already is from the laser hair removal treatment.

Get written post-care instructions from your dermatologist

After you’ve had the procedure, it’s important to listen to your dermatologist’s post-care instructions for your laser hair removal treatment. It is equally (if not more) important to request and receive written post-care instructions either as a printout or sent to your email address. This will ensure nothing gets misunderstood or forgotten and that your healing process runs exactly as it should.
Post care instructions also often include a section on things to watch out for and whether or not to be concerned, when to call the dermatologist, and how to handle any reaction that may cause alarm.


Healing after a laser hair removal treatment comes down to a few simple rules; stay in contact with your doctor, follow post care instructions, get a printout of instructions, and don’t pick at any blemishes or skin concerns. So long as you follow the rules, your recovery should go smoothly and you’ll be left with beautiful smooth skin!


Keys to Healing Well After a Laser Treatment



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