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How to Protect Your Skin During the Holi Festival

Known for being one of the most extravagantly beautiful festivals in the world, the festival of Holi is nothing short of a one-of-a-kind experience! held in India at the peak of spring and celebrating the triumph of good over evil,
festival goers prepare for beautiful weather, amazing fashion, and to essentially be turned into live-action rainbows! The colors that you will be immersed in are created using cornstarch and food/cosmetic-grade dyes. However, whereas these powders are approved for contact with skin, that doesn’t mean your skin was built to be coated in them in excessive amounts for hours at a time. How can you protect your skin from these colorful powders? I’m glad you asked!

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Pre-Festival Skin Care

Body Oil : Many people who attend the Holi Festival report that the dye form the powder pigments their skin for several days after the festival, even though they regularly shower/bathe. An easy way to prevent this – or at least decrease it – is by coating your skin in body oil 24 hours prior to the festival. The body oil nourishes and hydrates your skin, which will help prevent your skin from drawing in the dyes as they normally would!
You can use any body oil on the market, but I recommend going with a higher-grade body oil to get the best protection!
Vaseline (or your preferred alternative) : The night before the festival, add a thin layer of Vaseline – or any thick, not easily absorbed, lotion – to your body. Make sure you apply it everywhere, including your face if you have skin that can handle it. Vaseline takes longer for your skin to absorb, so when you get to the festival, there will likely still be a layer on the surface even if you cannot feel it. This layer will act as a barrier between the pigmented powders and your skin.

Post-Holi Skin Care

Once the festival has ended and you head home looking like something straight off of a painted canvas, it’s time to begin the aftercare! This is equally, if not more, important that the pre-festival skin care. Your skin has just been through a lot. It has been hit with loads of cornstarch – which can be rough on the skin – and has likely absorbed some dye and chemicals. Here is a simple post-Holi routine you should follow:-
  • Take a warm shower as soon as you are able to. Make sure the water is warm and not hot, your skin has already been through a lot, it doesn’t also need to be hit with scorching water! Let the water rinse off the surface layer of pigments.
  • Then, while in the shower, use a gentle body wash and a loofah or towel to softly wipe your skin to get any remaining pigment and powder off. Do the same for your face using a gentle face wash and a soft towel!
  • When you are done, apply a fragrance/dye-free moisturiser to your body and face to rehydrate and soothe the skin!
Holi is an exciting and unique festival that deserves to be enjoyed by many, just be sure you are taking care of your skin along the way!


How to Protect Your Skin During the Holi Festival



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