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How To Eat Right For Shinier & Healthy Hair

Achieving healthy hair is no rocket science! It is one aspect of our body that makes us feel confident but at the same time, a bad hair day can be a major reason for low self-esteem. Hair routine or hair care products are not the ultimate solution, it should be combined with the habit of eating right so as to maintain healthier and stronger hair.
A combination of the right nutrient boosts hair care and choosing the right diet empowers growth. You have the power to achieve your hair goals, and food is a key factor. Consuming the right foods can help you grow thicker & lustrous locks that are achievable through healthy meals. Diet can help you have healthier, more lustrous hair. The right food choices will give your follicles the fortification they need to grow thicker and longer hairs! If that’s not enough motivation, just imagine how good it would feel to look in the mirror and finally see those curls bounce back with all their natural beauty – no matter where or when life may take them next.

To help you achieve your goals here we have some food items that will empower your hair growth.

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Eggs are an excellent food for hair growth. If you want to grow your locks, try eating eggs! They’re a rich source of protein and biotin which is responsible for producing keratin– the structural proteins that make up our hair follicles. Biotin helps break down proteins into amino acids so they can be rebuilt as needed in order to produce healthier-looking strands in the best condition possible
The importance of including eggs in your diet is not only to get the essential nutrients they contain but also for their taste.

Savor on scrambled eggs and egg whites with some toast or a sandwich!

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are like a gift from the gods. They’re packed with beta-carotene and vitamin A, which means they’re great for your hair and scalp!

Including sweet potatoes in your diet can help with hair loss! Sweet potatoes are a great source of vitamin A that we all know helps with healthy hair growth. Plus, vitamin A is also known for helping to produce sebum -which maintains healthier scalp cells and contributes to shiny skin too!


Carrots are the perfect hair food! Containing vitamin A, which is essential for faster growth of your hair tissues and carrots also help to improve blood circulation in order to keep it healthy. Including them as a side dish or in salads every day will make you see results with your own eyes–a difference that can be seen on all levels- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually!


Nutty goodness we all enjoy! Nuts are the taste of nuts, and they’re full of some great nutrients. They contain zinc which is a key mineral for hair health – it’s what can help prevent breakage or thinning too. And walnuts have selenium in them that helps with a healthy scalp as well as preventing hair loss to boot!


“Oyster-tunity Knocks!” For those who have been feeling under par due to thinning or graying locks, you don’t need any expensive treatments – all we ask for is one small meal per week that has oysters as its main ingredient (no cheating!). Oysters contain high levels of Zinc which helps stimulate faster rates of cell division and promotes new blood vessel formation on our scalps; thus encouraging healthier denser strands from the root.

The key to keeping those luscious locks looking their best starts on the inside: What we put in our stomachs affects not only us but also everything else around us-including strands! It’s important that if you feel as though any nutritional deficiency may be affecting your ability to grow thicker hair then eating well should top off

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How To Eat Right For Shinier & Healthy Hair



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