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The Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi, Derma Miracle is a world-class clinic that is dedicated to hair transplants for men and women at any stage of hair loss. Derma Miracle clinic in India has cutting-edge hair transplant technology.

Derma Miracle provides the most cost-effective treatment options with the best surgeons. We provide an exclusive range of treatments including hair restoration procedures, hair transplant procedures, hair follicle stimulation, and much more treatment.

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    Ultra Receptive Hair Transplant

    Hair Transplant

    Hair transplant is safe for every age group. Hair is an important organ of the human body. When there are problems, such as hair loss, the condition of men or women deteriorates and it can also affect them physically and mentally. That is why, in these difficult moments of human life, it is extremely important to take all necessary measures to solve this complex problem, Alopecia areata.

    If you’re suffering from alopecia and want to have real hair that will grow for life, then a hair transplant or hair implants is created for you. Hair Transplantation can greatly improve your appearance, get rid of your psychological discomfort, and make sense of your self-confidence! Dr. Navnit Haror is the best doctor for hair treatment in Delhi.

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    Hair Transplant Services

    Ultra Receptive Hair Transplant (URHT)

    Ultra Receptive (UR-FUE) is the latest and most advanced version of FUE Hair Transplant. It is the most unique method of Hair Transplant providing the most effective and perfect results. In the process of UR-FUE Hair Transplant, individual grafts containing 1-4 hairs are extracted

    Bio FUE Hair Transplant

    Bio Follicular Hair Transplant (BIO-FUE) is an advanced technique that is stitchless and painless. In Bio FUE regenerative cells from one’s own blood is infused into the FUE donor site for rapid healing and growth of transacted hair. The cells also improve the quality and aesthetic density of Bio Follicular Hair Transplant (BIO-FUE) is an advanced and revised version of FUE Hair Transplant. 

    Unshaven FUE Hair Transplant

    Unshaven FUE hair transplant is an artistic method of hair transplantation as it doesn’t make it mandatory for hair to be shaved before the procedure of hair transplantation. Hair transplantation done using this method is non-detectable or non-noticeable.

    Direct Hair Transplant

    Direct Hair Transplant is the most advanced technique of hair transplantation. They have to be always performed under certified surgeons if advised. The main difference between this method and FUE lies in the way of implantation. This method ensures a natural finish with proper accuracy and precision. The scalp and the surrounding follicle area remain completely untouched.

    Beard Transplant & Moustache Transplant

    Beard and Moustache Transplant is one of the most demanding hair transplants among men. Beard and moustache hair transplant is done in order to restore the growth of facial hair in men. Beard and moustache hair transplant is done either by implanting the hair which is extracted from the back head or from the chest.

    Eyebrow Transplant

    Eyebrow Transplant or Eyebrow restoration is done in order to reshape or increase the density of the eyebrows. It is suitable for you is you are having thin eyebrows or having scars on eyebrows or if you are looking forward to having thick eyebrows.

    Giga Session Hair Transplant

    Giga Session Hair Transplant Procedure is the surgical procedure of extracting hair from the donor area and implanting them in the recipient area. But, this procedure is not as simple as it sounds. Rather, it requires a lot of surgical tactics, surgeon’s expertise and technician’s experience. 


    Follicular Unit Transplant or strip harvesting method is a traditional method of hair transplant wherein, the surgeon harvest or cuts a strip of skin from the back head donor area of the head of the patient. This area has fully grown thick and dense hair.

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    Hair Transplant and Hair Care Tips

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    Hair Transplant Surgery

    The procedure of hair transplant in Delhi depends on which method of transplant you are opting for. A hair transplant is a surgical procedure that helps a person to reduce their hair fall and recover the growth of hair. Typically, a hair transplant surgery in Delhi is of two types, namely the FUT or Follicular Unit Transplant or the FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction methods of transplant.

    In the FUE method of hair transplant surgery in Delhi, the surgeon takes individual hair follicles from the donor area of the patient and implants them into the recipient areas. This method of transplant is done in multiple sessions of two to four hours over a few days. Furthermore, the FUE method is minimally invasive, leaving the patient with little to no scars.

    In the FUT method of hair transplant in Delhi, the surgeon removes a few inches of the skin from the patient’s scalp (also known as skin graft) and cuts it into small pieces. Next, they extract individual follicles from these grafts and place them into tiny incisions that have been made into the patient’s recipient area. This procedure can be painful; however, the results start to show around 6 to 9 months after the transplant.

    Some other methods of hair transplant in Delhi, done by the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi, include the URHT or Ultra Receptive Hair Transplant, the Bio FUE Hair Transplant, Direct Hair Transplant as well as the beard, mustache, and eyebrow transplants.

    Benefits of Hair Transplant

    In addition to stimulating the growth of hair in regions that experience hair fall or thinning of hair, a hair transplant in Delhi also has the following benefits:

    1. Reversal of hair fall and thinning of hair
    2. Gives a natural appearance of hair
    3. Improves the density and texture of hair
    4. Boosts the patient’s self-esteem and confidence
    5. It is a low maintenance procedure
    6. Gives long-lasting results
    7. Cost-effective solution for hair restoration

    To get the best hair transplant in Delhi, you must consult the top hair transplant surgeon in Delhi, who will ensure accurate and durable results.

    Best Hair Transplant in Delhi

    Dr. Navnit Haror- Dermatologist, Cosmetologist & is a Board-Certified Dermatologist & Hair Transplant Surgeon in Delhi.

    He is the medical director of the most reliable and trusted Skin & Hair Clinic in the heart of National Capital Delhi, Derma Miracle Skin & Hair Transplant Clinic in Delhi.

    • At Derma Miracle we offer the best treatments with our renowned dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, and aesthetic specialist.
    • Dr. Navnit Haror who is the best skin specialist & hair transplant surgeon in Delhi has vast experience in diagnosing various skin & hair disorders and treat them with the best of his knowledge and skills.
    • Dr. Navnit Haror who is a gold medalist in dermatology, can get rid of all skin problems and walk out with rejuvenated, much younger, soft, and supple skin.
    • At Derma Miracle skin & hair transplant clinic we provide treatment to all skin and hair problems like acne, psoriasis, skin tag removal, moles removal, warts removal, eczema, vitiligo (leucoderma white patches), melasma, pigmentation, skin whitening & lightening treatment, dark circles treatment, open pores treatment, rosacea, face lifting, fungal infections, dermatitis, lichen planus, alopecia areata, androgenetic alopecia (AGA), female pattern hair loss (FPHL), scars, tattoo, open pores treatment, face lifting, etc.
    • Dr. Navnit is the most trusted dermatologist & hair transplant surgeon in Delhi according to his thousands of patients.
    • Dr. Navnit aims at delivering a range of skincare treatments. Being the safest among all, he has a customized approach for all his patients as he treats them as if they are his family or friend, with a minimum time of recovery from the problem without any side effects
    Dr. Navnit is among the Top 10 Hair Transplant Surgeons in Delhi, his dedication in the field of Aesthetic Medicine, Dermatology, Trichology lead to treating his patients with an individualized approach giving to natural subtle results.

    Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi

    Being one of the main methods of treatment for hair loss, hair issues like alopecia and baldness, among other issues, a hair transplant surgery in Delhi has been rapidly gaining popularity amongst people. Some of the factors that affect the hair transplant cost in Delhi include the area and extent of baldness, the number of grafts used for the hair transplant, the type of hair transplant, and the techniques used for graft extraction.

    Additionally, to get the best hair transplant in Delhi at the most cost-effective hair transplant price in Delhi, factors like the experience of the surgeon, their fees, the fees of their team, the number of transplant sessions as well as the cost of medical equipment must also be considered.

    Typically, the hair transplant cost in Delhi ranges from INR 30,000 to INR 2,00,000. This hair transplant price in Delhi includes the average cost of every single hair graft as well. The cost of one hair graft may range from INR 40 to INR 150.

    In this regard, the FUE hair transplant cost in Delhi could cost you between INR 50,000 to INR 2,00,000 approximately. In contrast, the FUT hair transplant cost in Delhi may vary between INR 35,000 to INR 1,60,000 approximately. Additionally, the hair transplant price in Delhi for a robotic or bio FUE method may start from INR 1,00,000, while the hair transplant price in Delhi for a full body hair transplant may vary between INR 50,000 to INR 1,00,000 or more approximately.

    Why Dr. Navnit Haror is the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi?

    Dr. Navnit Haror is the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi. Having around 8 years of experience in the field of dermatology and hair transplantation, he is also known to offer the best hair transplant surgery in Delhi.

    Being the top hair transplant surgeon in Delhi, Dr. Haror is also experienced in the diagnosis and management of all issues related to your hair. Furthermore, he has also invented the latest innovative hair transplant method, known as the Ultra Receptive Follicular Unit Extraction method, which has a 100 percent success rate with natural-looking results. To get the best hair transplant in Delhi, Dr. Haror is the best person to go to, which makes him the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi.

    Why Derma Miracle is best for hair transplant surgery in Delhi?

    In addition to being the clinic of Dr. Navnit Haror, the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi, Derma Miracle is also equipped with the latest treatment methods and equipment to treat your hair issues. At Derma Miracle, along with getting the best hair transplant in Delhi, you also get accurate results from skilled and experienced professionals at cost-effective prices.

    Best Hair Transplant in Delhi by Dr. Navnit Haror

    Hair Transplant FAQs

    Hair transplantation is a cosmetic procedure where the bald area is roofed with hair, together with its roots, taken from other sites like the back of the scalp, beard, and chest. This system is primarily accustomed to treat male pattern baldness with the time duration of 4-8 hours in one session.

    The problem of hair loss or alopecia can start to develop by older age. In many cases, alopecia is treated through medication and various surgeries but If you would like to induce a stunning looking hair or thicken up a receding hair, then the foremost effective treatment is direct hair restoration.

    Of course the hair transplants work! The genetic makeup of hair on the edges and center of the top is proof against genetic pattern baldness. This makes it possible for the hair that you just wear the edges and back of the pinnacle to be relocated to the place where it’s falling. This new relocated natural hair will stay with further growing.

    There are not any such specific precautions that ought to be taken before the hair transplant procedure. However it’s advised that patients won’t take food that are blood thinners or alcoholic drinks a minimum of 7 days before the procedure, so as to avoid the prolonged bleeding during implantation.

    Hair transplantation may be a cosmetic procedure that’s done to urge the personality you would like to possess. Hair transplantation, when done right, is often so natural that even your hairstylist won’t know that you’ve had it done. The skill and techniques of hair transplant surgeons does differ considerably, as do their results.

    The problem of hair loss or alopecia can start to develop by older age. In many cases, alopecia is treated through medication and various surgeries but If you would like to induce a stunning looking hair or thicken up a receding hair, then the foremost effective treatment is direct hair restoration.

    It’s approximately upto 1 week that a person should not do any kind of hard physical work or intake food that are blood thinners.

    No, it’s negligible. It is considered to be the safest procedure with minimal side effects.

    We commit results and prove them right