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Concerns To Know When You Plan Your Hair Transplant in Delhi

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There are a lot of concerns to know when you plan your hair transplant. You should solve all queries to the doctors before you receive any cosmetic treatments which include hair transplants also. We have compiled a list of ten common concerns one should know before a hair transplant.

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How experienced is your surgeon?

You should find a doctor who is experienced and expert in hair transplant procedures. He/She should be well qualified in this field. The doctor must explain all the pre-op instructions, the type of procedure you are going through, and also post-op instructions for the maintenance of the transplanted hair. The clinic should be well equipped with all the new modalities of the procedures, proper sanitization, and a well trained as well as qualified team as well.

What all points to research before going to a hair transplant?

It is very important to research and make sure that you know everything you need to know about the hair transplant like the root cause of hair fall in every individual case, grading of baldness, number of grafts requirement, the methods and technique of the procedure.

What are the causes of hair fall?

There are various factors of hair loss among which the most common cause is genetic(Androgenetic alopecia). The trait of baldness is usually hereditary, the genes can be expressed in some generations while in another it won’t express. Other causes are pollution, stress, hard water, any long-term illness, improper diet.

What are the different modalities of hair loss treatment?

There are broadly two lines of treatment, surgical and non-surgical. Nonsurgical treatment includes medicines, scalp lotions, advanced PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy, derma roller, derma-pen, mesotherapy, stem cell therapy, low-level laser light therapy(LLLT), laser helmet, hair root stimulation therapy. Non-surgical treatment in a hair transplant clinic will be beneficial only when roots are intact on the scalp.

What are the different methods of surgical treatment for hair transplant? What are their advantages and disadvantages?

When there is no root on the scalp, surgical treatment is the only choice which includes:


FUT was the most common technique earlier, also known as strip harvesting. A desired area of strip is taken from the back of the scalp which depends on the number of grafts required. These incisions are taken keeping in mind not to damage the follicles. With the help of magnification excess, fibrous layers and tissue are removed and grafts are segregated, single and multiple grafts. These grafts are placed in special solutions for their survival. With the help of fine needles/CTS blade grafts are placed in a particular fashion according to angle, density, direction to give a natural look.
The drawback of FUT is it leaves a thin scar behind in the donor area which can be covered with the growth. Also, the bleeding and downtime of FUT hair transplants are more than FUE.


This is the most advanced and latest technique in today’s time. Individual grafts are excised from the donor area. The number of hairs in each graft varies from one to five. For the extraction, very fine punches from 0.6 to 1.0 mm in diameter. The advantage is it leaves no scar in the donor area, the amount of bleeding, pain, and downtime is less. The implantation procedure of graft is similar to FUT.
These all procedures are done in local anesthesia. Hence the pain and discomfort during and after the procedure are minimal. You will be fully conscious, can talk, eat, watch movies, etc during the procedure. So the surgery is very hassle-free.


This is the technique in which the extraction and implantation of the grafts happen simultaneously which further improves the survival of the grafts. Hence this follows a direct hair implant.

How many days are required to resume the normal daily routine after hair transplant surgery?

A hair transplant surgery does not require too many days of post-op rest. In the case of FUE, you can get back to work from the third day. Only one-day post-op rest is required to just settle the grafts.

How to clean the scalp or do shampoo after the procedure?

The bandage opens on the third day after the surgery. One can start shampoo after bandage removal. Initially, the very gentle touching of grafts is required as there are chances of removal of grafts from friction. After 10 days of the procedure, you can shampoo like you used to do before.

What all precautions do you need to take care of before and after the procedure?

Your doctor will examine you and will take your detailed history. All the medical and surgical history you need to tell your doctor so that he/she can decide whether you are fit for surgery or not. There are few contraindications of hair transplant surgery.
Post-op care immediately after surgery includes rest for one day, avoiding dust contact, avoiding touching of grafts, application of normal saline hourly over the transplanted area, sleeping in the proper position so that grafts don’t get disturbed. All precautions are required till the bandage is removed. After bandage removal, proper cleaning of the scalp and donor area is required. It is always better to avoid smoking and alcohol after the surgery, overall also smoking causes hair loss. Also, proper taking of hair growth medicines and lotion applications is required for the enhancement of growth of transplanted as well as non transplanted hair.

For how many days one has to take medicines for hair growth after a hair transplant?

Medicines for hair growth are not too many. It just includes tablet multivitamin and minoxidil prepared lotion. For the cleaning of the scalp, it is always advisable to use medicated shampoo which is sulfur and paraben-free. For at least 8 to 10 months you need to take medicines but your doctor will clarify whether it has to extend or not.

What is the right age to undergo for hair transplant?

There are no criteria for age to undergo for hair transplant. All you need to be a medical and surgical fit for the surgery. Hair transplant Clinic in Delhi has a very safe procedure when done by a trained and experienced surgeon. It is better to start the treatment for hair loss as soon as possible to minimize the area of baldness with time.



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