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Bikini Line Issues? Here’s How To Groom The Area

For many people, pubic hair grooming is a year-round activity. The most popular bikini line hair removal methods are shaving, waxing, and permanent hair removal. But bumps, redness, and irritation always come in the package. Let's take a look at the problem first. You can use shaving, waxing, or other hair removal methods to remove the hair from the bikini line.

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Ingrown Hair

If you find that what you are trying to remove is causing more problems, try using 1% hydrocortisone cream. After shaving, apply a small amount of cream on the irritated area if necessary, use it twice a day for several days. Try not to shave any irritated areas or exposed skin. This problem can be completely avoided by exfoliating this area. You may think this is not necessary because it is not your face, but it can make your hair grow in the right direction.

Razor burns

As if shaving is not dangerous enough, another problem is a rash or “burning” of the blade. Using poor-quality or dull razors and improper shaving habits (such as pressing hard and repeating the same area multiple times) can cause razor burns, irritation, and ingrown hair.
Following are a few steps when showering that can prevent razor burns. First, you need a razor that creates a close shave. Then try to stand under warm water, let the water soak the area for about three minutes. This will make the hair softer and easier to cut.
Finally, apply shaving gel to the area. This is an important step in the shaving process because it makes the razor easier to slide on the skin and reduces the risk of shaving burns. If you have been burned by a razor, look for a topical antibiotic and mild steroid lotion to help in relieving the inflammation.


The unevenly pigmented areas of the skin around the bikini line can have many causes like frequently rubbing the area, rubbing of thighs due to being overweight, prolonged irritation and inflammation or tight-fitting clothes, etc. Contact a dermatologist, and if the pigmentation does not go away, he can prescribe a whitening cream.

Yeast/Fungal Infections

Yeast and fungal infections are not as common as razor bumps, but they still need attention during the humidity season. In the summer, due to damp skin, irritation and fungal infections sometimes occur in the skin folds, and friction alone can make shaving or wax uncomfortable in the area. Change wet clothes and use antifungal powder immediately after exercise to avoid this problem.


Bikini Line Issues? Here’s How To Groom The Area



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