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5+ Remarkable Reasons Why Laser Hair Removal is More Popular Than Electrolysis?

Body hair can be the most annoying thing for people to deal with, no matter how many times you plan to get rid of it but it will come automatically! If you are not happy with shaving, waxing, or plucking your hair then laser hair removal is the best option for you. The options for hair removal are endless but laser hair removal is one of the easiest and more permanent approaches to get rid of body hair. Here we bring everything you need to know about why people prefer laser hair removal treatment besides the electrolysis process.
Here, we are going to discuss everything that you need to know about hair transplant surgery and the associated benefits.

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What is Laser hair removal treatment?

In simple words, it is a safe, effective, and less painful method of removing unwanted hair from the body. Laser energy prevents the growth of new hair follicles and damages the melanin pigment which is present in the hair follicle. Basically, laser removal uses high heat lasers to damage hair follicles to slow down hair growth, and destroy the hair roots. Laser hair removal doesn’t harm the surrounding skin and tissues.

What is electrolysis treatment?

It is another type of hair removal process in which a needle is used to pass on the electric current to damage the hair follicle. In the process of electrolysis, a person has to go through multiple electrolysis sessions to get the desired result. Electrolysis devices destroy the growth of the hair by using chemical and heat energy which causes existing hair to fall out and stop new hair growth.

Why do people choose laser hair removal treatment over electrolysis?

Quick and fast:- Laser hair treatment covers the bigger area at a time. It has a huge variety of head sizes and a high power of emitting light pulses per second. Therefore, it is a speedy, firm, and efficient method over electrolysis.
Does it hurt:- Laser hair removal does not hurt because a cooling gel is applied to the targeted surface before the treatment. The electrolysis method works by inserting a device named an epilator into the skin for removing hair, which is very painful. The laser treatment feels like a rubber band hitting a particular part of the skin with heat sensations.
Time consumption:- Electrolysis is a long and time-consuming procedure. Treatment may take 30-60minutes but the results are not achieved in just one session. Most people need to follow up sessions every week and an individual must undergo 30 sessions on the target area. Whereas in Laser Hair removal, you will need only 10-15 minutes and a follow-up session is once a year.
Side-effects :- Minor side effects are common in both the methods, but they tend to go away within a day or two. The process of electrolysis mainly is redness, swelling, scabbing, increased ingrown hair and skin drying. On the same hand, the side-effects of laser hair removal treatment are swelling, redness and pink skin. Besides all these kinds of side-effects, a major drawback of electrolysis is that the process can’t be performed on a larger body surface which leads to scars.
Sessions:- The electrolysis process requires more sessions than laser treatment. Electrolysis requires almost 30 sessions on the focused area, but the laser hair removal treatment took 4-8 sessions for desired results.
Hair density :- Electrolysis works on shorter hair such as hair around the eye. In the same way, the laser process can be performed on any body parts like chin, face, forehead, back, chest, legs, underarms, etc.
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