Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast enlargement, in some cases known as “Breast work” or “Breast enhancement” by patients, includes utilizing breast implants or fat transfer to build the size of your breasts. This procedure can likewise re-establish breast volume lost after weight decrease or pregnancy, accomplish a progressively adjusted breast shape or improve regular breast size asymmetry.

What Breast Augmentation surgery can do:

  • Increase fullness and projection of your breasts
  • Improve the balance of breast and hip shapes
  • Improve your mental self-portrait and self-confidence

Breast implants may also be used for breast reconstruction after mastectomy or image.

What Breast Augmentation Surgery can’t do

Breast enlargement does not correct severely hanging breasts. A breast lift might be required alongside a breast enlargement for the drooping breast to look more full and lifted. Breast lifting can frequently be done at the same time as your augmentation or may require a separate operation.

Dr Navnit Haror will help you in settling on this choice. He is the lead dermatologist at Derma Miracle Clinic.

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