Stretch Mark Treatment

What are stretch marks ?

Stretch marks are regularly analyzed dependent on an assessment of your skin and an audit of your clinical history and various causes.
In the event that your primary care physician speculates an expansion in your cortisol creation, the person may prescribe extra tests.


You dislike how stretch marks over your skin look, however, they don’t require clinical treatment. They are innocuous and regularly blur after some time. In the event that you do look for treatment for stretch marks, realize that medicines are just in part successful and won’t evacuate them totally.

The accompanying treatments are among those accessible helping it in the improvement of the appearance and surface of stretch marks. No one has been end up being more reliably fruitful than the others.


Retinoid cream. Gotten from nutrient A, retinoids -, for example, tretinoin – once applied to one’s skin leads to improvement in presence of stretch stamps not exactly a couple of months old. on usage of tretinoin, assists with reconstructing collagen, making the stretch imprints look progressively like your ordinary skin. Tretinoin can inflame your skin.

In case of pregnancy or breastfeeding, talk with your primary care dermatologist about other treatment alternatives, since conceivable reactions of retinoids may influence the child.

Light and laser treatments. An assortment of light therapy and laser treatments are accessible to help animate the development of collagen or elastin in skin. Your primary care physician can assist you with figuring out which strategy is suitable for you.

Microdermabrasion. This kind of treatment includes a handheld gadget that delivers precious stones onto skin. These gems delicately expel a very thin layer of skin, advancing the development of new, increasingly versatile skin.

Work with your primary care physician to pick the most fitting treatment or mix of treatments for you.

Components to consider include

RTO what extent you’ve had the stretch imprints
Your skin tone and shade
Comfort, as certain treatments require multiple clinic visits

More Information
Solicitation an Appointment at Dermamiracle skin & hair clinic
Way of life and home cures
Numerous creams, balms and different items guarantee to forestall or treatment of stretch marks. Items made of cocoa spread, nutrient E and glycolic acid , Trichloro acetic acid peel etc
Stretc marks typically blur and become less perceptible after some time and don’t require a particular self-care or home treatment.
Elective medication
The possibility that you can forestall or treat stretch stamps by scouring creams, oils or salves on your skin isn’t upheld by solid proof.
In case of your pregnancy , check with your primary care physician before utilizing elective items that guarantee to treat or forestall stretch imprints.
Planning for your arrangement
On the off chance that you look for treatment for stretch imprints, get ready for your appointment by posting some essential inquiries to pose to your primary care physician, including:

  1. What is likely causes of my stretch marks?
  2. Other than the most probable reason, what are other potential foundations for my indications?
  3. What are the available treatment choices and the advantages and disadvantages for each?
  4. What results would i be able to anticipate?
  5. Your primary care physician is probably going to ask you a few inquiries, for example,
  6. When’s the time when you first noticed the stretch marks?
  7. you have different side effects?
  8. What prescriptions would you say you are consuming?
  9. Do you routinely utilize steroid skin creams
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