Scar Removal Treatment

At Derma Miracle, we provide effective and affordable laser treatment for scar removal. People tend to get tired from regular shaving, painful waxing, and using hair removal creams that do nothing but make your skin look darker and cause itching.

Dr. Navnit Haror, at DermaMiracle, is a specialized doctor in aesthetics. He is able to provide you 100% results of hair removal on any skin type without causing any damage to the skin but to get complete results you are required to undergo multiple laser sessions depending upon the growth and thickness of the hairs.

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    Scar Removal Services    

    Acne Scars Removal

    Acne scars are common skin problem amongst 95% teenagers and adults in the world. It’s caused by an outbreak of excess oil, dead skin cells and fungal infections which mostly occur on the face and the neck. It makes the skin look irregular which is due to oil and dirt clogged in the pores that swell and breaks the skin layer.

    Chicken Pox Scars

    Chickenpox also known as varicella is a highly contagious viral infection caused by Varicella Zoster Virus (VZV). This virus causes redness, itching and red blister like rashes all over the body. Chicken pox easily get settled within 5-8 days but their marks and scars persists for years. It can also be treated with surgical methods which leave no scars behind

    Stretch Marks

    Stretch marks are common pigment coloured long and narrow lines which often occur as a result of sudden change in the size of the muscles, increase in height or weight, during pregnancy or as a side effect of some medicines. Stretch marks can be removed completely with the help of advanced lasers followed by

    Burn Scars

    Burns are caused due to overexposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, skin contact with fire, electricity, radiations, chemicals or hot materials. It’s an injury along with burning sensation. Treatment of burn scars depends upon the severity of the burns. Generally, burns can be treated with the help of Dermapen microneedling which is a very