Q-Switch Laser - ND-YAG

Q-Switch Nd YAG Laser

ND-YAG (Neodymium-doped Yttrium Aluminium Garnet) is a solid laser crystal rod which produces light energy. ND-YAG produces a special kind of photon which travels at a wavelength of 1064nm in a brief and intense pulse. Q-switch has a KTP filter which doubles the frequency of light pulse into 532mn.

Q-switched ND-YAG lasers are used worldwide to cure pigmentation. At DermaMiracle we recommend internationally approved Q-switched laser for their efficiency in getting rid of various kind of skin issues like tattoo removal, hair removal, scar removal and other laser treatment. The large amount of energy coming in fast pulses is so brief that it can target pigments from its roots without harming the skin.

Insta Clarity Laser (Q Switched Laser) is the latest technology to treat uneven skin tone and hyper-pigmentation. It is a revolutionary service that uses a Q-Switched laser that is highly safe for Indian skin to treat unwanted pigmentation on the skin.

Q -Switch laser creates an invisible beam of light that specifically targets the brown/black pigment or melanin present in the dark spots without having any effect on the surrounding skin. The pigment absorbs the laser energy and gets fragmented within the skin’s tissues, thereby giving you smooth and even skin tone. The laser reaches hard to reach deeper areas where products or peels etc do not reach.

It usually takes about 6-8 sessions for the service to work effectively. It’s a no down-time service and you may return to work or play immediately after.

Insta Clarity Laser when combined with our highly efficacious skincare products, lightens, stimulates and protects your skin, to help give you a smooth, flawless complexion that you’ve always desired.

Pigmentation Concerns | Q-Switch Laser Treatment for Skin Pigmentation in Delhi

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