Soprano Titanium

A Laser Hair removal Machine that has been reinvented to be stronger, faster, and smarter.

Soprano Titanium

A revolutionary hair removal platform that blends unrivaled comfort with maximum functionality. Treatments are now considerably faster and painless because of the huge 4 cm 2 spot size and advanced cooling technology, providing a considerable improvement for both patients and practitioners.

Soprano Titanium, laser hair removal device combines the advantages of three combined wavelengths with a better patient experience and a business-oriented strategy to provide a one-of-a-kind and result-driven revolutionary solution in the field of professional hair removal. This is the best hair removal machine for women & men.

Features of Soprano Titanium

  • Large 4 cm 2 spot size for rapid treatment
  • ICE PLUSTM continuous cooling system
  • Two connectors
  • Smart clinic data center
  • Clinically proven 3D technology
  • Intuitive, user friendly large screen
  • (15″ android) with pre-set parameters.
  • I-VI skin tones and tanned skin
  • No consumables

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