Mole Removal

How Can We Remove Moles?

Most people have moles in different parts of their bodies. While some are okay with it, others are not. Owing to their sizes and location on the human body, moles can often lower a person’s self-confidence and self-esteem, thereby making them conscious about their appearance.
Moles can be easily removed through minor surgery in which an aesthetic doctor removes the mole through lasers or technical instruments and removes it completely. This procedure is generally done under local anaesthesia and requires no downtime.


Moles are irregular, painless and dark coloured projections which can grow anywhere on your body. Moles are generally non-cancerous. But, an irregularly growing mole which often hurts can be Melanoma, a cancer-causing mole.

Mole removal is a common procedure done to remove moles from the body. In addition to getting a mole removal in Delhi for cosmetic and aesthetic reasons, one can also get a mole removal surgery in Delhi if these moles are cancerous.

Some of the common methods of mole removal include:

  1. Shave excision
  2. Surgical excision
  3. Laser excision
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How Does A Laser Remove Skin Moles?
Laser excision is mostly done to remove moles that are non-cancerous. A laser mole removal surgery in Delhi is an outpatient procedure and is minimally invasive. Local anaesthesia is given to the patient before the surgery is begun, thereby ensuring that they do not feel any pain or discomfort under the rays of the laser.
Then, the laser lights are placed directly on the moles which subsequently cauterize them, resulting in the mole removal. Mole removal in Delhi is quite a quick procedure, wherein the patient can go home directly after getting their mole remo

Laser Mole Removal

How to remove moles , by home remedies

You can also remove moles with the help of 12 home remedies .

  • Garlic contains enzymes which kill the cell clusters that cause the mole.
  • Oregano essential oil can be harsh on the skin and diluted with a carrier oil like castor oil.
  • Iodine can burn moles, so apply petroleum jelly around the surrounding area to protect the skin.
  • Tea tree essential oil is a well-researched essential oil best known for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Potatoes are a natural bleaching effect.
  • Flax-seed oil contains properties that help heal cuts and other lacerations.
  • Banana peels contain properties that help heal cuts and other lacerations.
  • Banana peels contain specific enzymes and acids that remove a mole.
  • Honey has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. So it will easily remove moles after few days.

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