Laser Hair Removal Treatment in Delhi
      Get Rid of Unwanted Body Hair with permanent & Painless Laser Hair Removal.

      Derma Miracle is a world-class laser hair removal clinic at Greater Kailash I, Delhi. Founded by Gold-Medalist dermatologist Dr Navnit Haror, Derma Miracle combines the latest technology like Soprano Titanium and a team of skilled practitioners & experienced Dermatologists to deliver extraordinary personal results.

      We provide effective and affordable Laser Hair Removal treatment in Delhi at Derma Miracle. The laser hair removal treatment has been a game-changer in dermatology. This new and sophisticated method eliminates unwanted body hairs with little or no side effects, such as harsh skin surface reactions after expelling it through waxing kits, etc., which was typical before these technological advancements came along!

      The reputed clinic offers both men and women safe, painless, and permanent hair removal solutions. Laser hair removal has been gaining momentum in the beauty industry. The process uses light to destroy follicles and cause unwanted facial or body hair regression without harming healthy nearby cells. It is a painless procedure.

      Laser Hair Removal Services in Delhi
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      Laser Hair Reduction for Females

      Laser hair reduction for females is an effective and safe way to permanently stop unwanted thinner, longer hairs from growing on your body. The procedure utilizes near-infrared light that targets follicles with little or no energy required for removal – meaning it’s much more gentle than other methods like waxing!

      Laser Hair Reduction for Females
      Eyebrow Shaping Treatment

      Eyebrow Shaping Treatment

      What better way to make your eyebrows stand out than laser hair reduction? You can now have perfectly shaped brows without worrying about them constantly. No more plucking or filling in vain. Just enjoy perfect-looking and smooth skin! Laser hair reduction treatments are an excellent way of giving yourself beautiful, well-manicured eyebrows that require little maintenance time or attention – without having them chopped off at their roots like threading!

      Target Areas For Laser Hair Removal in Delhi @ Derma Miracle

      Our technicians and LHR experts enthusiastically work towards offering your younger and glowing skin, and laser hair reduction is one of the skin & hair services. Under Laser Hair Removal Services, we aim to remove the hairs of the Chest, Bikini Area, Legs, Back, Shoulders, Arms, Neck, Chin, Upper Lip etc., permanently through painless procedures. 

      Chin Laser Hair Removal

      Chin Laser Hair Removal

      Say goodbye to chin hair for good with our laser hair reduction.

      Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal

      Upper Lip Laser Hair Removal

      Get a smooth upper lip and a confident smile with our laser hair reduction.

      Full Face Laser Hair Removal

      Full Face Laser Hair Removal

      Flaunt your clear, smooth face with our full face laser hair reduction.

      Full Arms Laser Hair Removal

      Full Arms Laser Hair Removal

      Show off your arms without any unwanted hair with our full arms LHR

      Full Legs Laser Hair Removal

      Full Legs Laser Hair Removal

      Be ready to rock any outfit with our full legs laser hair reduction

      Full Body Laser Hair Removal​

      Full Body Laser Hair Removal

      Get silky-smooth skin all over with our full body laser hair reduction

      Laser Hair Reduction for Males

      Laser Hair Reduction for Males

      At Derma Miracle, we provide practical and affordable laser treatment for unwanted hair removal for both fair & dark skin males. People tend to get tired from regular shaving, painful waxing, and using hair removal creams that do nothing but make your skin look darker and cause itching.

      Beard Shaping

      The beard shaping treatment is a great way to shape your existing growth or maintain its current look, all while adding volume & texture where needed! With Laser beard shaping treatment, you can eliminate unwanted patches that lead many people who suffer from straggly beards down happier paths towards manhood.

      Beard Shaping​

      How Does Laser Hair Removal Work

      In laser hair removal, hair follicles, tiny spaces in the skin from which hair grows, are affected by concentrated light. The laser absorbs the hair follicle, which is drawn to the melanin pigment in the hair and vaporizes quickly.

      Darker hair absorbs the laser more effectively because the pigment attracts the laser, so persons with dark hair and light complexion are great candidates for laser hair removal.

      Patients with dark skin often require treatment with a laser that identifies the hair against their skin.

      Light-haired people are less suitable candidates and less likely to get dramatic improvements because the laser can’t focus on non-pigmented hair.

      The Mechanism

      The vast majority of individuals accept that just a single sort of laser is utilized for hair expulsion. There are various sorts of lasers accessible in dermatology for hair reduction, making it significant for you to comprehend which is the most appropriate for your skin type. Finding the leading Hair Removal Clinic in Delhi with the most recent innovations? Connect Derma Miracle Clinic – One-stop solution for all kinds of LHR Treatments.

      Mechanism For Hair Treatment

      Techniques we use

      A techniques we use

      Conditions, When We Don't Suggest Laser Hair Removal Treatment

      Specific ailments aren’t fitting for a laser hair treatment. Following are a portion of these conditions where we don’t recommend experiencing hair evacuation treatment to our patients:

      • Pregnant ladies or nursing moms
      • Patients with a history of seizures
      • Applicants utilizing pacemakers or defibrillators
      • Skin contaminations in the LHR zone
      • The laser doesn't work adequately on white or red hair
      • Applicants with tanned skin
      • Applicants who have been using retinoids
      • Applicants taking drugs that restrict them from presentation to daylight

      Things That Should Be Kept In Mind Before Starting Hair Removal Laser

      Half a month before the first treatment and over the whole span of sessions, patients ought to refrain from waxing, epilating, or expelling hair with the root by utilizing some other hair evacuation strategy. The hair should be set up to be focused by laser as laser gadgets concentrate on the colour of the hair. After the Laser treatment, it takes around a month for all the hair to shed. Sometimes, shedding begins about a fortnight after the meeting. During the shedding stage, hair is developing, yet it alleviates. The shedding procedure can accelerate by Exfoliating or potentially cleaning delicately in the shower.

      Since the laser targets pigmented hair, black or brown usually, white, fair, or red hair may not react to laser hair expulsion.

      Tweezing and waxing affect the treatment result as they expel the hair from the root making it less responsive to laser treatment. Bleaching the hair will likewise affect the treatment result as the hair isn’t dark in shading. Further, shaving or depilatory creams might be utilized whenever required.

      Frequently Asked Questions:

      Yes, laser hair removal is permanent.

      However, the process only works for some. Some causes can lead to recurrences, such as stress or certain medications that might contain elements that interfere with their ability to destroy follicles in our skin.


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      Yes, the laser can be performed on all parts of the body.

      This procedure is often used for hair loss and skin treatments in addition to many other medical applications, such as reducing wrinkles or burning esophageal cells caused by a cancer surgeon’s hand movement during surgery.


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      The laser is an effective way to remove all types of hair.

      It targets the follicles responsible for producing new cells, increasing your chances of balding less over time!

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      No! It’s painless.

      It’s a painless process that leaves you feeling refreshed and confident. Laser hair removal is not painful at all. So users can get rid of their unwanted hair quickly and efficiently while avoiding discomfort!

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