Artificial Bio Fiber

At Derma Miracle we provide Artificial Hair transplants which is a great option for those who want to transplant their own hair onto the scalp. These artificial materials can be colored any way you like and will give your head fullness without any risk or pain.

Artificial Bio Fiber Treatment in Delhi

Artificial Bio Fiber

Bio-fibers or hair fibers are made up of human-friendly synthetic hair. These materials are used for scalp implantation. Artificial hair implants are generally recommended for hair thinning & baldness.

Hair fibers are undetectable to natural hair and they can meet any color requirement of yours, be it the length (from 15 to 45 cm) or shape (straight, wavy, and curly) requirement. These synthetically derived monomers are used for scalp implantation.

How Artificial Bio Fiber work

Artificial Hair fibers are a simple, minimally invasive aesthetic surgery procedure. It is performed by our special Implanter that hooks the Bio-fibers Reversible knot and inserts the hair one by one, the scalp will be anesthetized & no pain or discomfort to the patient will be felt.

Our doctors will first do the initial allergy test on the patient, just to know the compatibility with the individual. A test patch of 25-30 fibers is generally implanted in the crown area on the top of the head. The reaction response to it due to the fibers is judged after 3 weeks to know its sensitivity. There are only 1-10 % of the population may have the risk of getting these allergic reactions, in the form of redness & itching. In that case, removal or extraction of the fibers is done.

Our doctors at Derma Miracle Hair Transplant Clinic are well equipped and are highly experienced in all facets of artificial hair implantation. We have assured to give outstanding results to each of our patients through our team of doctors & dermatologists.

Artificial Hair Fibers

Hair Fibers are made up of synthetically purified nylon. These materials can be used for scalp implantation and bio fiber hair implants, which might help you recover from thinning or baldness faster than natural methods would.

Hair Fibers are the perfect way to get that natural look without worrying about getting it wrong. Biosynthetic hair transplant can meet any color requirement you have, be it straight or wavy and curly! They are undetectable by natural hair. These synthetically derived monomers are often used for scalp implantation purposes because it gives the wearer a natural appearance with their desired style outcome.

How do Artificial Hair Fibers work?

Artificial Hair Fibers are made from natural or synthetic hair transplant materials that are designed to mimic the properties of human hair. Artificial Hair Fibers are usually made from nylon, polyester, or other synthetic materials. Synthetic hair transplant fibers can be either straight or curly, and they are often treated with chemicals to improve their color, texture, and durability. Most bio Fibers are attached to the scalp with a special adhesive, and they are typically worn for about six weeks before they need to be replaced. Bio fibers hair transplant can offer a number of benefits over conventional hair extensions, including a more natural look and feel less damage to the scalp, and better overall durability.

Artificial Hair Fiber Surgery Procedure at Derma Miracle

Our process of artificial bio-Fiber surgery is quite simple and safe. A test patch of 25-30 Fibers can be placed in the crown area on top of your head. The reaction response to it due to these Fibers can be judged after 3 weeks and only 1-10 % of the people may have the risk of having any allergic reactions such as redness or itching, then removal/extraction procedures must take place instead.

At Derma Miracle, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced doctors who will give you outstanding results for your hair implants. Our synthetic hair transplant cost is affordable for the patient. We assured you to give the best results to each patient through our team of doctors.

Benefits of Having Artificial Hair Fibers

Here are some benefits of Artificial Hair Fibers:

  1. Adds thickness and volume to thinning hair.
  2. Conceals scalp conditions and scars.
  3. Reduces the appearance of grey hair.
  4. Extends the life of colour-treated hair.
  5. Is undetectable in daylight or under bright lights.

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