Carbon Peels

Carbon Peels

Carbon peel treatment is a progressive treatment otherwise called Hollywood peeling. It depends on the capacity of carbon to separate oil as well as contaminants from profound inside the pores. It is exceptionally valuable for individuals with slick skin, zits, developed pores, acne, and dull skin on the face or body. It is additionally an amazing method to shed and revive your skin, giving a moment invigorated appearance and leaving skin feeling gentler, firmer, and smoother.


The carbon is focused by the laser, it impacts the dead skin cells away, zits, and successfully sheds the skin. The outcome is milder, brilliant skin with decreased pore size and on top of all the even skin tone.


Carbon strips additionally focus on the profound layers of the skin to animate collagen creation, which thus delivers firm and plump skin, diminishes wrinkles and fine lines, leaving skin feeling more tightly and sparkling

Acne and Sebum Destruction:

The warmth created via carbon peel is having 2 extra advantages. It decreases the acne microbes answerable for skin breakouts, taking into consideration better administration of pimples and episodes, and it likewise shrivels sebaceous organs (oil creating organs), bringing about less oil creation, and along these lines diminishing blockage developing in the pores. Sessions can be performed over any piece of the body, arms, chest, back, legs, etc.

It is a truly agreeable and effortless method and at our facility, we use best in class, Q switches laser which is incredibly good for all skin types, powerful, and latest edge innovation.

We commit results and prove them right