Vampire Face Lift

A vampire facelift treatment is a procedure that uses your own blood to rejuvenate your appearance. The injected blood contains Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), which is full of growth factors that can help to improve skin tone and texture, as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Vampire Face Lift

The Vampire Facelift is a procedure developed for people who want healthy skin, young and rejuvenated, but practiced quickly and without surgery. This procedure is able to do this by exploiting the healing and regenerating properties of your own body. Vampire Facelift is an outpatient procedure and results can be obtained on the same day. The regeneration of the skin has the advantage of allowing the regeneration of the skin to extend for months, even a year after the procedure.

The Vampire Facelift is actually not a surgical facelift, but rather a type of skin treatment using the body’s natural growth and healing factors derived from your own blood (hence the name The Vampire Facelift), associated with a hyaluronic agent. acid filler. The procedure consists of a series of almost painless injections into strategic areas of the face to reduce wrinkles, add volume to the youth and improve the quality of your skin.

How Does The Vampire Facelift Work?

There are three steps to this procedure. All three steps are guided by the exact specifications that were developed and tested by the inventor of this process.

  • Step 1 - Filler Injections
  • A hyaluronic acid-based filler (such as Restylane or Juvéderm ) is injected precisely into the target areas to help sculpt a younger-looking, natural-looking face.

    During load injection, our team of experts takes into account the beauty of mathematics defined by many researches to avoid creating an unnatural form. Campbell Medical takes the time to understand the desired results before any injection, in order to share a common goal.

  • Step 2 - Arthritis
  • After using injectable fillers to get a younger look, we will take a standard blood test (about 2 teaspoons). Your blood will be filtered in a centrifuge to separate and isolate Arthritis, also called growth factor identified for healing damaged tissue.

    These growth factors are known to result in increased collagen and improved blood flow to the tissues. body. They are derived from the amniotic tissues of a living human donor and injected into the injured area to repair tissue and reduce inflammation.

  • Step 3 - Arthritis Injections
  • Once we have isolated the Arthritis created from the previous step, our team will strategically administer it to key areas using a small needle. These growth factors then activate the multipotent stem cells already present in the skin, allowing them to generate newer and younger tissues.

    We commit results and prove them right