Ageing Hands

Ageing Hands treatment can give you back your hands and make them look as good as they were in their youth. This treatment provides deep dermal hydration, which improves skin health and skin tone which means a better tone for all of those ageing hands complains.

Ageing Hands

Hands are the most important part of our body, our daily routine work may come to a stop instantly if we get any wound or injury on our hands. We use our hands daily while cooking, driving, typing, dancing or while doing any kind of physical work. So, it’s our duty to keep our hands healthy, beautiful and hydrated.
But, as we age the collagen present below our skin start depleting, making our hands look dry, rough and wrinkled. The fat is lost due to regular muscle activity as we do our daily routine work.

The Benefits of Advanced Anti-ageing Hand Treatments

  • Boosts skin’s radiance.
  • Increases skin firmness.
  • Minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Deep hydration.
  • Improves skin tone and texture.
  • Combats oxidative stress and UV damage.
  • Fades hyperpigmentation & sunspots.

Our Treatments

As we can’t stop the ageing process and can’t stop using our hands for our daily activities but with the help of fillers and collagen remodelling, we can get our beautiful hands back. Which are healthy, hydrated and feels beautiful. Filler is an artificial agent which works as a substitute of collagen and binds the skin with muscles making our hands look less wrinkled and young while collagen remodelling is a laser process which gives thermal shock to the fibroblasts and induces it to start producing collagen again. It produces collagen naturally and rejuvenates our hands making them look hydrated and beautiful.

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